Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where Have I Been?!

I never meant to be gone from this blog for so long.

I have been busy beeing blissfully happy.  Then, the  movers arrived and the physical parts of my house and home were turned upside down.

Mornings used to be the time that I would sit down to write a bit.  Mornings are so different now.  My alarm goes off earlier because Roomie Two's bus arrives earlier. 

There is a dog in my life now.  A loving, floppy, Golden Retriever named Murphy.  He follows me in the morning with a chew toy in his mouth.  His sharp antler chew toy threatens my computer screen, iPad, or coffee mug becuase he needs to be ON me at all times.  Until he settles to lie on my feet.

So, I am not sure how often I'll be able to write.  But the point of this blog has always been to put a little more "positivity" in the world.

We have a lot to say now.  I am not sure what to call this blog, or how to refer to my new dog and husband.  Or, husband and dog.

Life is good.  More to come in time.


  1. I was just wondering about you and your blog-I love reading it so I'm glad to see you that you and all of the roomies are well. xoxo

  2. Murphy is a beautiful dog. It is a very faithful pet. The link below is much informative regarding it.